About Mighty

We started out as three moms with a passion for giving our children and the children in our community the best possible opportunities. Seeing what other small towns all over the country have done to enrich the lives of their young ones through children’s museums inspired us to start out on a path to open one ourselves. We soon grew to five moms and two dads on the board of directors. We are a passionate group that wants great things for our children and our city.

Our Mission

To create an environment for children and families that inspires learning through fun and interactive play.

Our Vision

To become a community resource in early childhood learning and development for kids from birth to seven years, with a special emphasis on children age three to five years old, by creating a space that is interactive, engaging, and safe for children and families. 


Board of Directors

Meredith Tomlinson, President

Courtney Lewis, Vice-President

Kelsey Throne, Grant Secretary

Alicia Vitatoe, Secretary 

Ashton Cox, Treasurer

Jarrod DePugh, Board Member

Blake Lloyd, Board Member

Taylor Smith, Board Member

Kristen McDonie, Board Member

Sheena Brown, Board Member