Mighty Rules

  1. Parents and caregivers are responsible for the behavior of their children at all times (and all ages). This is for their safety and the protection of museum exhibits. The Infant Zone is for children 36 months and younger only.
  2. Climbing/standing on exteriors of exhibits is prohibited. Climbing is allowed only in the infant area.
  3. Light snacks and beverages must be consumed at the tables upstairs in the mezzanine.
  4. Toys should remain in designated exhibit areas. 
  5. Cleaning up each play area as your child finishes allows the next child to enjoy a fresh exhibit.
  6. For health and safety reasons, all visitors must wear shoes at all times. Always use walking feet, no running.
  7. All children must be accompanied by a person age 15 or older. 
  8. Mighty Children's Museum is not responsible for personal items brought into the museum.