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You’re Invited!

Here is your chance for a sneak peek into future exhibits and hear about expansion with a 3rd floor renovation! A full menu and list of participating restaurants and businesses will be shared soon.
Live music and silent auction packages will be on hand throughout the evening as well.

For now, grab your friends and your tickets to help us continue to make our small town MIGHTY!

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Welcome to Chillicothe's very first children's museum! 

We have worked hard to create exhibits and stations that promote creative development while allowing for self-directed learning for building creativity, divergent thinking, problem solving, and the ability to innovate. Research shows early learning experiences are keys to academic success. But most importantly to your child it's super fun! 

Why a children's museum in Chillicothe?

A children’s museum is a community-wide investment in learning for children and families. They provide hands on interactive learning experiences to engage children, parents and families to learn, bond and have fun together. Exposing children to STEM activities in a fun interactive way can foster a desire to learn and encourage children to later pursue careers in these fields. A children’s museum is an overall benefit to a community by providing additional activities, encouraging families to live in our community and working together with other non-profit organizations, schools, colleges, youth organizations and corporate partners to provide resources for our community. Exhibits and programs complement school curricula and reinforce skills needed for academic success. A children’s museum provides a cultural attraction to provide a positive impact on the local economic economy by bringing in visitors.